The Complex Nature of Web Services
Web services are the latest and clearly favored option describing a way of allowing surfers to interact with computer web sites. At RTWS we implement these services to fully optimize your web site for the benefit of you and your surfers. With HTML, PHP, Data base integration, and CGI it can be hard going for someone new to web site building.

Web services versus WYSIWYG
Originally the world wide web was for sharing research and documentation in plain text format for researchers, business people, and scientists. Now it's a totally different machine. There are a few options in creating the world wide web as it is now; hiring a professional, doing it yourself with HTML etc., or WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get.

WYSIWYG programs are a dime-a-dozen, drag and drop your elements in place, and hey presto there's a webpage, but what the manual doesn't tell you about these programs are the un-neccessary complex coding placed in the pages. This adds to the load time and size of each page. Increased load time pushes surfers elsewhere.

DIY is ok for some, but some people do not want or have time to learn the different types of code to build websites.

Lastly, hiring a professional, you may say is an expensive option, but think of the countless hours it'd take to learn then do it yourself. While a professional is doing it for you, you are out there growing your business doing what you do best, selling your product or service. RTWS is here for you in that endeavor. We take your ideas, create a website you're proud of, and stay within your set budget.

  RTWS was founded in 1997 to help smaller business' get a foothold on the ever growing world wide web. CEO, Rachael, stated, "Just because you do not know your way around a computer, doesn't mean it can't work for you."

With this attitude and business know-how RTWS has helped many clients achieve internet success. From the guy next door to international corporations.

  As RTWS has grown and helped more people join the internet revolution, it has stayed true to the original agenda of helping those who need it. Whether that be logo design, whole websites, or database creation and maintenance.
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